Marine Ecosystem Modelling Case Study

TitleMarine Ecosystem Modelling Case Study
Publication TypeCase Study
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsSmith T.F, Thomsen D.C
Keywordsecosystem management, ecosystem modelling

Atlantis and InVitro are ecosystem models developed by the CSIRO.  Atlantis has been rated as one of the best whole-of-ecosystem models available for the marine environment. It has been used to inform the Australian Fisheries Management Authority, and applied to several marine ecosystems in Australia, United States, Norway, Mexico, South Africa and the Caribbean (Figure 1) (CSIRO, 2012a). InVitro allows consideration of multiple uses such as fishing, transport, tourism and oil and gas. For example, it has been used to evaluate regional marine plans in Australia under the national Oceans Policy (Figure 2) (CSIRO, 2012b). These models have been instrumental in enabling a better understanding of how marine ecosystems function and associated management. 



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