Adaptive Learning Toolkit

Welcome to the Adaptive Learning Toolkit of the Coastal Collaboration Cluster. This site is designed to assist coastal organizations to become adaptive learning organisations. Use the tools  to improve your organisational processes and outcomes for coastal zone management.

Download the pdf and immediately start assessing your organisation's progress towards becoming an adaptive learning organisation. Read in more detail the concepts behind adaptive learning. Browse the Annotations bibliography which provides resources and literature. 

What is adaptive learning?

Adaptive learning draws on organisational learning, sustainability learning and adaptive management to institutionalise responsive learning processes for improved integrated coastal zone management (ICZM). As with most reflective learning practices, the processes of adaptive learning are cyclic and incremental with each stage providing the foundation for the next.

What are we learning for?

Coastline image

The coastal zone is valued by many communities who rely on these diverse systems to meet fundamental needs and established ways of life. Located in the dynamic and transitional space between the marine and terrestrial ecosystems, the coastal zone is one of the most biologically productive ecosystems directly supporting the nutritional needs of many communities and indirectly supporting many others through contributions to marine and terrestrial ecosystems.