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Coastal Governance Theme

Coastal Governance Theme

A key aim of coastal governance is to share and generate information, engage stakeholders, build capacity, protect assets and develop suitable regulatory frameworks for society. In WA, the Governance Systems Theme sought to act as a ‘boundary organisation’ by bringing together participants from four domains of influence: knowledge, governance, constituency and implementation to deliberate on coastal adaptation issues and co-produce new knowledge. This theme presents an analytical framework showing how the legitimacy of coastal adaptation can be enhanced through boundary work. This theme presents results from action-learning-research activities including Participatory Google Earth Mapping. This theme also presents a range of tools and guidelines for use by local governments or NGOs to enhance science uptake into governance. In WA and Queensland, a set of coastal planning principles was developed and tested.

Governance Framework Analysis


The framework in Figure 1 has been developed as the basis for ordering and analysing the themes emerging from the interviews and workshops undertaken over the duration of the Governance Theme’s research.  Four ‘domains of influence’ relevant to the policy process are represented in the figure and it is necessary to have all of these domains represented in a dialogue if it is to create legitimate responses. The domains are:

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