Building resilience in lagoon social-ecological systems.

Annotation for Building resilience in lagoon social-ecological systems.

Berkes F., Seixas. C.S. 2005. Building resilience in lagoon social-ecological systems.. Ecosystems..


To explore assessment of social-ecological resilience at the local level, investigating the potential for developing surrogates

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Key Findings: 

The assessment of lagoon systems from various areas was conducted based on a framework of categories for building resilience. Using these categories, a range of factors were found to be robust across all lagoon system case studies providing possible insight for assessment in other areas. Various other factors were also identified that were not robust across the case studies, but were clearly important for policy development around adaptive capacity. The authors are cautious about the development of these resilience factors into measurable indicators or surrogates, highlighting a number of challenges. Characteristics of potential surrogates for resilience in social-ecological systems are proposed.


Local level assessment and the development of resilience factors is a critical area of research for adaptive learning. Although the authors of this article identify a number of challenges in developing resilience factors into tools for measurement, based on both qualitative and quantitative data, there is certainly potential for further expansion in this area. This will have a direct influence on the capacity for adaptive learning frameworks to guide and influence sustainable management of social-ecological systems into the future.