Comparative analyses of the OURCOAST cases.

Annotation for Comparative analyses of the OURCOAST cases.

Commission. E. 2011. Comparative analyses of the OURCOAST cases.. Ourcoast: ICZM in Europe..


Communicating lessons learned from coastal management experiences and practices throughout Europe.

Geographic Focus: 


Key Findings: 

The ICZM cases in Europe show a strong awareness of the need for integration as a key sustainable coastal development issue. Common European policy frameworks such as the Nature Directives, Water Framework Directive and the Floods Directive provide integrating mechanisms for a range of inter-related management aspects. Co-funding and a long term political agenda are required to maximise benefits. Clarification around administrative roles and financial commitments are also needed at the outset of management initiatives as a prerequisite for successful ICZM processes.


Integration of policy frameworks is poorly managed in the Australian coastal management context. At the institutional level, this is a fundamental problem for advancing adaptive learning frameworks in the coastal zone. Integrated management at the level of policy provides an opportunity to focus resources and effort toward coordinated action. Monitoring and evaluation of adaptive learning should assess the capacity of policy frameworks in this regard.