Understanding the Social Context - including Social Networks (Guide)

TitleUnderstanding the Social Context - including Social Networks (Guide)
Publication TypeWebsite
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsHarvey N., Clarke B.
Keywordssocial network analysis

Understanding the social context of knowledge generation (science) is essential for its effective transfer into decision making. Both science and decision making operate within the context of diverse concerns, values and stakes; and transfer of knowledge between science and decision making requires a ‘complex labyrinth’ of communication and engagement.

The contribution of science to sound coastal management outcomes can be facilitated by explicit consideration by scientific research organisations of the social context (or operating environment) in which  science and decision making function. This also requires that scientists, research organisations and research funders effectively monitor the operating environment in which science and decision making are occurring. The Coastal Collaboration Cluster research applied a range of techniques to monitor, evaluate and adapt to the operating environment of coastal decision making. 

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