Institutional Analysis Guide

TitleInstitutional Analysis Guide
Publication TypeWebsite
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsO'Toole K., Haward M.
Keywordsinstitutions, knowledge systems

Coastal zone management involves a complex interaction of biophysical and socio-cultural dimensions. Coastal ecology, has affected, and been affected by human habitation for tens of thousands of years. In recent decades human uses of and impacts on the coastal zone have increased, with pressures arising from rapid coastal population growth and development, catchment land and water use, marine industries (shipping, tourism, fishing, aquaculture, oil and gas development), pollution, exotic species, coastal infrastructure development, extreme weather events, and climate change. While scientists and science agencies, have generated a substantial body of scientific data and models on which decision makers and stakeholders should be able to act to improve coastal zone management, there is an ongoing concern to improve the way in which this knowledge contributes to decision making.

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