Climate change, scenarios and marine biodiversity conservation

TitleClimate change, scenarios and marine biodiversity conservation
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsHaward M., Davidson J, Lockwood M, Hockings M, Kriwoken L.
JournalMarine Policy
Start Page438–446
KeywordsClimate change, decision, marine biodiversity, qualitative scenarios

This paper explores the utility of qualitative scenario approaches to examine the potential impacts of climate change on marine biodiversity conservation on the east coast of Australia. This region is large and diverse, with considerable variation in marine biodiversity and, concomitantly, considerable diversity in the likely impacts from climate change. The results reinforce a number of key points. Engaging with stakeholders in scenario planning provides not only a focus to discuss the future in a disciplined way, but also provides ongoing reference points for contemporary decision making and planning. The paper illustrates how qualitative scenario planning provides opportunities to address the challenges of marine biodiversity conservation in a changing environment.



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