Exploring the Knowledge Dynamics Associated with Coastal Adaptation Planning

TitleExploring the Knowledge Dynamics Associated with Coastal Adaptation Planning
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsO'Toole K., Coffey B.
JournalCoastal Management
Start Page561-575
Keywordsadaptation planning, Climate change, knowledge systems

Scientific projections for climate change induced sea-level-rise highlight current and potential future consequences for low lying coastal areas. In response considerable attention has been directed toward the task of coastal adaptation planning. Experience to date indicates that adaptation planning is more complex and contested than anticipated. We argue that this is partly due to the constrained way adaptation planning is conceptualized, whereby limited attention is directed toward understanding coastal adaptation planning as a site of complex and contested knowledge dynamics. Consequently, we use a knowledge systems perspective to explore coastal adaptation planning in order to highlight some of the knowledge exchange dynamics involved. In doing so we draw on views expressed in semi-structured interviews with a diverse range of stakeholders with an interest in coastal management in Victoria, Australia. While the focus is on coastal adaptation planning in Victoria, the insights generated are intended to contribute to broadening the way in which adaptation is conceptualized.

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