Moon J.A.. 2004. A Handbook of Reflective and Experiential Learning: Theory and Practice.


Presents a practitioner guide for understanding and implementing reflective and experiential learning

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This publication provides a guide to implementing reflective and experiential learning, combining the two learning theories into a general framework for learning. These two learning theories are normally considered as distinct, with different ‘experts’ and bodies of literature. As a handbook it is presented from both a theoretical approach and one which provides practical suggestions and tools for implementing the learning models. The book begins with a general theory on learning. It then moves to a discussion of reflective and experiential learning and how they relate to the general theory and to each other. Practical issues for implementation are discussed, concluding with activities and resources for assisting implementation. Topics include the introduction of reflection into practice, how to improve the quality of that reflection, and ideas for evaluation or assessment.


While the focus of this book is largely on formal education, it will be useful for any practitioner in an educational or training setting who is seeking to enhance learning opportunities.