Walkerden G.. 2006. Adaptive management planning projects as conflict resolution processes. Ecology and Society. 11(1)


Presents a unified application of adaptive management planning and conflict resolution processes

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Key Findings: 

Facilitating multi-party, multi-disciplinary dialogue is central to adaptive management, but the process is sometimes criticised for its inability to deal effectively with conflict. Other processes of conflict resolution and negotiation however, are less capable of managing uncertainty and systems complexity. This article unites adaptive management planning and conflict resolution processes, allowing the benefits of each to emerge. The practices described are designed to specifically lead processes of transformative change.


Managing conflict among competing interests and values in adaptive learning situations is a key issue, and can determine its success or failure. This article demonstrates an effective integration of both adaptive management planning and conflict resolution, such that the benefits emerge from each in a way that strengthens the whole. This article will be of benefit to all practitioners that are seeking to initiate processes of transformative change in contested environments.